Universität Göttingen

Expert Datasets

Author Title Version Production Date Link to Dataset
Martin, Erin L.GEOSCRAPE zircon database1.22021Show Expert Dataset
Wörner, GerhardGeochemical compositions of igneous rocks of the Central Andean orocline1.22009Show Expert Dataset
Pilger, Rex H JrRadiometric Dates from the South American Andes and Adjacent Areas: A Compilation1.12022Show Expert Dataset
Tappe, SebastianGlobal magmatic kimberlite and carbonatite compositions (elemental and isotopic)1.12017Show Expert Dataset
Tappe, SebastianGlobal cratonic lamproite-orangeite and related potassic rock compositions1.12020Show Expert Dataset
Lustrino & WilsonMagmatic rock compositions from the Circum-Mediterranean Anorogenic Cenozoic Igneous province1.12016Show Expert Dataset
Lustrino et al. Iran and SE Anatolia Meso-Cenozoic igneous rock compositions1.12021Show Expert Dataset
Clynne et al. Major and EDXRF Trace Element Chemical Analyses of Volcanic Rocks from Lassen Volcanic National Park and Vicinity, California1.12008Show Expert Dataset
du Bray et al. Whole rock geochemical data for volcanic rocks of the western Cascades, Washington, Oregon, and California1.12006Show Expert Dataset
du Bray et al. Geochemical data for intrusive rocks of north-central and northeast Nevada1.12007Show Expert Dataset
Ball, Patrick W.Global distribution and composition of Neogene-Quaternary intraplate volcanic rocks1.12021Show Expert Dataset
Qin et al. Global mantle clinopyroxene data (major and trace elements)2.02021Show Expert Dataset
Stracke et al. Major and trace element concentrations and Sr, Nd, Hf, Pb isotope ratios of global mid ocean ridge and ocean island basalts1.02022Show Expert Dataset